When chatting with Mummy friends during my pregnancy and whilst on maternity leave, I realised we all share similar needs, concerns and aspirations! Whether it was a topic about family finances, returning back to work fears, raising confident children or our new found wobbly bits & ME time!

We were all on different journeys, returning back to work, choosing to be a stay at home Mummy or launching new family friendly businesses but we shared similar concerns, gilts and needs. I have decided to do the latter –
I didn’t want to be a commuter mum; seeing my babies in the morning, sending them to childcare and school, picking them up in the evening for a couple of precious hours, then starting the routine all over again the next day. I wanted to be there for my children and I also wanted to fulfil my own ambitions. So launch Business Playground for ambitious Mommies with the clear intent to help women creating an income stream and work from home around their family needs.

Join our business playgroup and create your own Service based Business or Coaching program and get the support your need to make it happen.