June 19, 2019

Kind Words

Flowers with a Thank You note

I am so thankful I was a part of this incredible opportunity and met wonderful supportive women to add to my drive. Thank you for the confidence boost and new career tools.

Choosing to work with Alessia really has to easily be one of the best decisions I have made to date since choosing to make the leap into monetizing my skills and I would urge any woman who is on the fence about working with her to be brave and just invest in yourself. Alessia has an incredible gift at unlocking potential in women. She talks absolute sense and makes you really dig deep within yourself to work out what matters. Believe in yourself and in your abilities I would like to thank Alessia so much for everything she has done to help me over the last few months and for her ongoing support on a weekly basis. The time we had each week really did help me focus my mind on what matters. Without a doubt I will be working with her again in the future. The woman is a blessing for mumpreneurs!

Sarah K. mum to 2

“I have so much more freedom, creativity, and breathing room in my business and my life. Through taking back control of my business, I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been in years Thank you Alessia .”
Erin mum to one

“I got the results I wanted—without being over-scheduled working with Alessia.” Monica mum to one

“Working with Alessia is amazing. Keeping me calm, focused and on track doing one thing at a time brought major results for me. Many thanks.”

“Working with Alessia is great. I’ve so much more clarity and freedom in my new service based business and my life. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been in months. Thank you!”
Tina mother to two

I highly recommend working with Alessia. She is amazing at what she does. If you put in the work you will see results in no time. She over delivers on her promise and make you accountable to your own version of success.

Eva mum to one

“The virtual meetings gave me confidence and helped me see that I can create and learn anything if I put my mind to it.”
Beatrice mum to one

It was great working with someone so experienced, passionate and knowledgeable like Alessia who looks at my business idea from a fresh, objective perspective, asks me challenging questions and spots my weaknesses. I love the fact that she embraces motherhood and entrepreneurship and is all about simplicity, consistency and accountability!
I would definitely recommend working with Alessia if you are a mother wanting to start your own service based business around your young children. You will get support, accountability and guidance that will serve you well into the future.

Michelle mum to 2