June 18, 2020

About me

Hi I am Alessia, I’m a mum of two very creative mess makers under 4 years, and a wife to an amazing husband.

I started Smart Motherhood nearly 2 years ago because I couldn’t find a child friendly and affordable upskilling program around me. So I decided to create my own.

I believe a career break should be an opportunity for women to learn new skills without breaking the bank and not having to choose between their babies and their dreams or career.

Our society would thrive even more, if we would support more mothers to thrive on their own terms.  That’s why we invest in the success of mothers by boosting them with new digital skills during their career break from programming to marketing and analytics. I know that women would take bolder action if they knew someone had their back.

There is nothing better than being surrounded by women who embrace motherhood and their dreams. 

I am walking my own talk, continually learning and evolving my own craft so that I can pass this knowledge to you.