From a corporate career to starting her own Storytelling Photography Business

Peggy at work.

Meet the incredible Peggy MacSweeney who took the leap and started her own business after made redundant from her corporate career in London.
Peggy is a storytelling personal brand photographer and the owner of You &Your Stories.

Take it away Peggy:

I am originally from Hong Kong but grew up in Sydney, and now living in London with my husband and my 5 year old daughter.

Why did you start this project?

I started my storytelling personal brand photography business when I decided to take a leap and pursue my passion in photography after being made redundant from my corporate job.

I was inspired and fascinated by all the women who follow their dreams and build successful businesses around their families.

I wanted to work with them, hence I started my business in personal brand photography helping women business owners to grow their personal brand using images. I’m passionate about the power of visual storytelling, that’s the reason why my offering is a little bit different from the usual headshots focus type of personal brand photography.

I help women to grow their tribe through storytelling images; images that let their ideal clients know, like and trust them in a split of a second.

Where does your passion come from?


Photography has been my hobby for more than 17 years. I am fascinated by the ability to freeze a moment in time with a camera and create images that capture the audiences’ imagination and emotions.

What motivates you to do what you do?

My daughter is my big motivation to start my business instead of going back to another corporate job.  I now have the flexibility of spending more time with her and doing what I love to do at the same time. I also hate the daily commute which I don’t have to do anymore.

Which everyday challenges you are facing in your venture and as a mum?

Starting a business is the biggest challenge for me. I had no clue at the beginning and none of my existing friends and network own or run a business.
I have to learn everything from scratch. When I was in my corporate job,  I was not in a front-office role (sales/marketing).  I don’t like selling and self promoting myself (being an introvert is not helping either).
But as I am my business, I have to do everything,  including selling and self promote.
It is also very challenging when you have to juggle between looking after a family and building a business. 

How many new skills have you learned since starting your business?

Some of the things I’ve learned (and still learning everyday) are marketing, strategy/planning and various technology and tools, but the most important skill I’d learned is the awareness of my own thoughts, the mindset work.

Would you be able to share with the audience some specific mistakes you made which kept you stuck and struggling?

The biggest mistake was trying to do it all by myself.  I love to figure things out, but I realized I can’t figure everything out by myself.  It’s okay to invest in help and support.  It’s also important to mention that making mistakes is actually a good thing.  Because making mistakes means that you are taking action rather than sitting there and waiting.  And if whatever you’ve tried didn’t work, you learnt from the mistake and try something else!

Please share a quote which fires you up.

“Success is inevitable to anyone whose subconscious mind is programmed to perceive life as a journey of endless opportunities and possibilities.”

― Edmond Mbiaka

What are your future aspirations?

To be happy, healthy and content.

Could you share with us a book that changed your life? 

There’s actually a poem not a book that changed my life.  It’s called “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.

Is there any course or a mentor you would recommend to someone starting out like you?

Not a particular course but listening to James Wedmore’s Mind Your Business podcast is inspiring.

Which 3 lessons have you learned by running your own business?

*Building a business takes time. There’s no shortcut.

*Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone’s background and circumstances are different.

 *Don’t give up easily, keep going and keep trying. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Follow your passion and not what others expect or want you to do.

For everyone success looks different, what does success looks like for you?

Success is when I can overcome my fear/negative thoughts which do pop up now and again.  Success is the feeling of abundance.

Could you tell our audience where they can find more about you?

You can find me on Instagram
My business website is
Join my Facebook group You and Your Stories Community.

I want to create a small community of women business owners to share their stories, grow together and support each other.

If you are looking or considering investing in personal brand photography for your business,  do check out my insider tips on making sure your investment is worthwhile. 

Peggy is running a 5 days storytelling photo challenge which will start on 27th of April 2020 to create eye pleasing images to tell story that you can use on social media with just your phone camera. Sign up here

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