How many excuses standing in the way of your dreams?

We’re masters in fabricating an arsenal of branded excuses for every aspect of our life.  They not only feel unique and personal to each one of us, but they even help us to justify our self imposed limitation as to why we can’t do something. Whatever it is, we have the perfect excuse for any circumstances in our life. And we love using them!

Is it really the question of being too busy, not having enough money or not having the time as we tell ourselves? Let’s try a tiny test. If you would make the thousands you want (whatever number works for you), would you go more often to the gym, eat healthier, find your dream job, quit sugar, invest in yourself or spend more time with your family and children etc..?

Of course, you could.
But would you? Well, that’s another question. You see, for the right incentive you are willing to change. What brings me to the next question: How comes that chasing your dreams aren’t worth anything?

Why are we so fixated in creating excuses for anything that’s happening in our life. Instead of embracing the challenge, creating opportunities and finding a creative way around it.

In any area where your results don’t match what you say you want, you need to figure out what your favorite excuse is in that area. And then start analyzing them, because when you start hearing them, you can see them for that they truly are: A bunch of dream decay.

Here are a few of the ah so common excuses, created by YOU. See if any of them sounds familiar to you. (and Yes, you are not alone in this, I am guilty too)

  1. Victim Excuse: It’s never your fault but somebody else’s, you been out with your mates, you are having a demanding job, or having small children to take care of.
  1. Past Present Excuse:  You have tried something so many times in the past which didn’t work out so why should it work now suddenly.

  2. The Life Excuse: It’s beyond your control life is just happening to you.
  1. Genetic Excuse: It lies in our family for generation.
  1. Things-Happened Excuse: It’s not possible because of the traumatized experience you had experienced and you can’t let go of it.
  1. Time Excuse: I’ve already too much going on, on my plate.
  2. Don’t Need Excuse: Because it will take away to much of your precious time and might be hard work too.

Each one of us has his on favorite excuse. And the truth is, they are fabulous, they keep us away from doing something that we don’t want and giving us an exceptional explanation to why we can’t do it too. But the bottom line is, your happiness, self-esteem, and pride are paying for it.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if we’ve missed an important excuse which we need to conquer.

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