The Secret of becoming the best version of yourself

The Secret of becoming the best version of yourself

It’s not easy and it requires tremendous courage, discipline and above all self-belief. Knowing who you are and who you want to be will remain the keys to your success and fulfillment. Be honest and clear with yourself about your dream, desire and your passion.

Keep your vision always on top of your mind, acknowledge and celebrate each milestone that you have achieved so far and motivate yourself to push forward.  No matter what, don’t lay too much on your plate at the same time as you might feel quickly overwhelmed with the situation and lose interest.

Stop being discouraged by your failure and embrace a never give up attitude. You might have a difficult time or a moment when you want to throw in the towel because you just can’t do it anymore, as all the challenges are growing over your head. But to reach your full potential you will need to go through the hell first to rise like a phoenix.

Be positive despite receiving critics. Stop listening to naysayers and never doubt yourself. We all might have experienced negative thoughts especially when we have brilliant ideas such as; leave it, you can never achieve your goals and you may even come across people who always settle for less and want you to do the same. Push away all the self-doubt invaded by your thoughts and never settle for less. Remember, you will get nothing without a good fight and sweat!

The most important thing is, believe in yourself, your abilities and dare to dream big. Believe that it is possible and only you are in control over your goals and dreams. Whatever it may be that you have set your mind into, believe in yourself and know that there is no way back to give up on your dreams without to fight for them.

Your Tool Kit to success

Create a portfolio of your future.
Add on the first page a photo of yourself where you are standing right now in your life and one picture of who you want to become, where you want to live, the clothes you would like to wear, new adventures that you want to experience and places you have in your mind to visit. Imagine the life you want to live.

Add on the second page all the things you would do, if you didn’t have any self-doubts or fears. Pick each day one of your fears and confront it, whatever it is; DO IT. It might feel awkward at the beginning not to be at your best –but HOLD ON  and keep going because the results at the end will be astonishing and worth it. Remember the words from George Addair “everything you ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear”.

On the following pages add topics you need to learn, expand your knowledge and skills to get to where you want to be and invest one hour every day or more in researching and reading about specific topics related to your dream and desire.

Create a page called celebration and celebrate all your little and big achievements through your journey. Reflect on your success every now and then, to see how far you have come, this will give you a boost to continue fighting for your dreams.

Sometimes you need to acknowledge yourself how well you have done to come this far. That’s why it’s always good to see the before and after photos of yourself and your life. Things you wanted to do and milestones you have already achieved. Places you wanted to visit and have already visited. It will just keep you going and motivate you in your darkest days.

Life reflects on your energy.

Whatever you are thinking of – it expands. Think about the expression, “Smile and the world will smile back to you” be positive and focus on your potential. Watch your future portfolio and believe that you can achieve it. Dare to dream big, be the person you want to be and live it.

Take daily action to create the life you want to live.

Show up every single day for your dream and your future life. Take small but consistent steps towards your dream lifestyle and celebrate all small accomplishments and achievements.

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How do you motivate yourself in your darkest days and what are you exactly doing not to give up on your dream? We would also love to hear about the achievements you have celebrated by not giving up. Share as many details as possible to inspire other souls who stumble over this post it might help someone else.

Thank you so very much for reading and adding your voice to the conversation.

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